Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, 2020 has definitely been the year of the rise of the remote worker. Many people worked from home before COVID and many will continue to do so if and when there is ever an ‘after COVID’.

I know a lot of people have missed the office environment, their colleagues and their friends so perhaps Christmas could be a great chance to remind them of how much they mean to you. There might be a super bargain waiting for you in the Black Friday sales.

Below I have listed numerous products for those designers, creators…

Claiming to have had digital designs ripped off or plagiarised is a potential car crash, it can be very hard to prove unless there is a like for like match and as things stand I am not claiming or blaming anyone of this.

This article could turn into the proverbial car crash

The following article is going to compare and contrast the recent redesign of a feature on the website of an automotive industry based company turning over billions of pounds a year to a design produced by an actively tracked ex-employee of 5 years of this company (me) that was published to Dribbble earlier this year.

I will…

…isn’t that big a secret.

Around 6 years ago I was at my lowest point as a designer and more importantly as a person. I was unproductive, unhealthy and just generally not looking after myself the way I should have been. I was stuck in a job that was going nowhere, it offered nothing, my management were out of their depth and individuals within the company went out their way to victimise me on behalf of the company’s public image. …

This was an article that I originally posted in October 2013 on Everyday Designer and is as relevant now as it was when I posted it then. I hope that you find it useful…

Content is king, it always has been and always will be. Content is why users visit your site, subscribe to your newsletters and follow you on social media. Content is the single most important aspect of your website yet for some projects that I’ve worked on, content seems to be one of the last things to be taken into consideration by clients when it comes to the redesign and rebuild of their site.

“Content First” is a term that I’ve been using for a while. As someone who doesn’t have a background in content writing or strategy, I’ve found it…

I switched from Adobe Fireworks to Bohemian Sketch about 9–10 months ago and one issue that consistently raises its heads is exporting elements with gradients to PDF.

Above is my usual set up for designing gradients; I create my shape, add a gradient fill and change the opacity settings to apply the fade. However, exporting a shape such as the one above to PDF always results with a solid shape like this:

Bobby Anderson

User experience design consultant http://www.thisisrad.co

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